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Do we get to choose our own music tracks?

Yes of course. There is no better way to really personlise your cinematic featurette. The number of tracks depends on the amount of coverage captured. For a 12 hour package 4 booking we require a total of 3 tracks. A music selection form is emailed once we have confirmed your wedding day running sheet which generally occurs three weeks prior to your wedding date. To avoid delay in editing your wedding day project, it is recommended that you submit the music selection form prior to your wedding day.

With regards to your online preview/teaser clip which is available online three week after your wedding day, we choose royalty free music tracks to satisfy Vimeo’s copyright laws. We can of course choose the 3 music tracks for cinematic featurette.

To complete the music selection form now, please click here.

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So I want to book my wedding  date. What is the overal process?

That’s great. We do recommend booking at least 6 to 8 months in advance. Once you have decided which package best suits your needs and you are happy with the total amount of consecutive hours of coverage, the first step is to complete and submit our online booking form which can be accessed here.

Our admin team will then process your booking form and tentatively pencil in your details against your wedding date. To secure your wedding date a $200 non-refundable deposit needs to be processed. Once cleared, we create your project files and issue your deposit receipt and invoice.

We then make contact three weeks prior to your wedding date to confirm the booking form details and build our running sheet. During this time we can discuss any special requirements/requests you may have. Of course please feel free to contact us any time should you have a query or wish to discuss any aspect of your wedding.

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What happens after our wedding date?

We understand that after your wedding day it’s all about honeymoons, recollection, relaxation and reflection. We do not want to disturb this special time. We generally require 6 to 8 weeks to produce your first online review where you will be given the opportunity to watch your wedding cinematic feature online and detail any changes you may feel are necessary.

Our editing team then processes your requests and re-edits those sections which you have noted. Your second online review clip will then be ready in 2 to 4 weeks.

With your confirmation that the stated changes were made, we then export and author your Blu Ray and DVDs. Final products are sent via registered post. This requires another 2 to 3 weeks.

Generally you should have your final wedding product 10 to 12 weeks after your wedding day.

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What do the extended edits include?

If your package includes extended edits, this will be a documentary style edit of your ceremony and reception. A package 4 booking includes a documentary style edit of the ceremony (approx. running time of 30 minutes to 45min) and a documentary style edit of the reception (approx running time of 45min to 1.5hours).

Documentary style edits are your RAW video edited to the captured LIVE audio from the day with basic fade transitions and multiple angles. Editing is linear with events happening in chronological order as captured on the day.

A typical extended ceremony generally includes location scene shots, bridal entry, all ceremony proceedings and bridal party exit.

A typical extended reception generally includes location scenes, bridal party entry and introductions, all reception proceedings, approx. 20 minutes of tripod and glide cam guest dancing, bride and groom goodbyes and reception exit.

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What is included in every package and can I add special requests?

Every booking with livideo includes 2 videographers. The main shooter is present for the total amount of required hours while the second shooter is provided free of charge for 4 hours. The second shooter generally starts at the ceremony and continues onto the beginning of the reception.

We can obviously extend the hours of the second shooter if required.

Each package can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our set packages can be used as a guide to gain an understanding of the core elements of your booking.

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When did LiVideo begin operations in the videography industry?

Lasting Impressions Videography started operations way back in December 2004. We understand the wedding video buisness and have over a decade of experience learning and producing exactly what our clients expect.

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